HappyNew Year!


Dear EADMT Member Associations and all European DMT  colleagues, We wish you a very Happy Festive Celebration and a Wonderful New Year.

 After another busy year on moving forward as the European Association of Dance Movement Therapy as you are aware we have now completed the Training Standards,  and  welcomed  new  Member Associations  from Romania  and  Cyprus  and  we  are  still  growing. The  documentary film  "Resilient  Lives"  has  been released online  and  received  positive  response  from  all  over the  globe.  We  are proud  of  these achievements  and  very  greatful  for all your  support  and involvement in the  development of our profession.
 We look forward to seeing you all,  at the 3rd Conference in Athens, Greece next October.
With warmest regards EADMT Board:

Vincenzo Puxeddu
Imke Fiedler
Julia Morozova
Shirley Mawer